Doc Moose

Synopsis : Experience moose in Manitoba like never before with the world-famous Doc Moose as your guide. Get up close and personal with the challenges facing this iconic species and share in Dr. Vince Crichton’s definitive collection of rare and unusual encounters.

PROPaganda Llama - Teaser and trailer

Synopsis : Propaganda Llama puts you in control of the government broadcast machine on a mission to indoctrinate the masses and consolidate power with The Lleader. As you campaign the countryside, utilize the one-button interface to spread fluff to silence the resistance. Do not be fooled by a cuddly exterior, these are aspiring overlords. Lloyalty before dishonour!

Phantom of the forest

Synopsis : The badass of the boreal forest plunges headfirst into the snow to kill seven times a day. You are the world's largest owl, the great grey, and it's about to get real. Bear witness to the circle of life, experience the owl's harrowing plight, the peace and quiet and beauty of flight. Prepare for the worst, because this winter is most inhospitable and survival is not guaranteed.